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holiday wishes meme

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1. Any leads at all on where to look for gender-neutral formalwear in size fat.
2. The same, but for men's period costume styles.
3. Yeah. I really want one of those big, over-fabricked linen shirts, and trousers with a front panel instead of a fly and matching braces... ok I basically want this look don't I. Or, y'know, this guy. Just, not 1920s/11th Doctor.

Things to help me be mindful / look after myself better
4. Write me a paragraph or two about a book or album you think I should read or listen to.
5. An exciting one-off treat like a face mask or a glittery bath bomb
6. Got a cat needs petting or a dog needs walking? Call on me, please!

Social things
7. Let's do cool things together! Let's play board games / go for winter walks / curl up under a duvet and watch TV.
8. Show up at my house with a book or something, then make cups of tea and soothing noises while I Sort My Shit Out.
9. Send me cards & postcards that you think I'll like. For bonus points: write something on them about who you think I am. I'm struggling with a) a sense of self and b) a massive empty pinboard in my office, so help me solve both these problems at once!

Yes well it's worth a try isn't it
10. Two tickets to Hamilton. Oh, and plane tickets to New York.

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To drift with every passion till my soul
Is a stringed lute on which all winds can play,
Is it for this that I have given away
Mine ancient wisdom, and austere control?
Methinks my life is a twice-written scroll
Scrawled over on some boyish holiday
With idle songs for pipe and virelay
Which do but mar the secret of the whole.
Surely that was a time I might have trod
The sunlit heights, and from life's dissonance
Struck one clear chord to reach the ears of God;
Is that time dead? lo! with a little rod
I did but touch the honey of romance-
And must I lose a soul's inheritance?

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

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1st Oct, 2015

So I'm back at university, studying Psychology, just like I was in 2004-07; and so I've been consistently earwormed for the last several weeks:

(Video, Pandora's Box, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" - a magnificent clusterfuck of 80s rock imagery, like BDSM Pan's People on fire. Possibly meant to illustrate bikers performing sex-magick in order to encourage angels/deities to save a woman's life after a motorcycle accident; but honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Well worth a watch if you're me; jump to 0:58 for the music and to skip the 80s softcore fantasy art w/snakes.)

2007-2015. That's an 8-year gap, like the gap in my drumming between 2005 and 2013. And like my drumming, there's stuff that's gone forever, stuff I've picked up in between, and stuff I know I can Do Better This Time. So that's something.

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I enjoyed last night's Doctor Who so much that I'm about to liveblog a re-watch! Isn't this charming and just like the old days. (It'll probably start on a grumpy note but it gets squeeful after that I promise!)

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Nine Worlds 2015

Friday: video game accessibility / Doctor Who / Afrofuturism / Academia / Pictionary / Whedon sing-along / KnightmareCollapse )

Saturday: Cosplay / treasure hunt / Thor v Thor / apocalypse planning / transhumanism in Doctor Who / Bifrost queer cabaretCollapse )

Sunday: Disability & the apocalypse / metaphors for race / Steven Universe / BiowareCollapse )

In the end - has this con left me with inspiration: an overwhelming urge to be everything that I can be, to be as amazing as all the people I saw performing and speaking and cosplaying and asking questions and sitting quietly absorbing the beauty around them? Or has this con just left me with an overwhelming urge to play all three Mass Effect games and romance somebody called Garak?

We shall see...

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Mr Holmes

For such a beautiful, gentle film -- one that I adored every second of, and that managed to deal with memory loss in a way that I didn't find overwhelmingly upsetting -- this sure has left a sour taste in my mouth I've been thinking about it pretty constantly for the last 24 hours!

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Steven Universe

If you've been seeing pictures of brightly-coloured gem-ladies all over the place, and haven't known what's going on... allow me to welcome you to the world of Steven Universe.

Yes, it's a cartoon for kids with simple 10-12 minute episodes. It's also queer and complex and sneaks up on you with that; for example, those gem-ladies? Actually non-binary shape-shifting geological-concept-aliens (think Sapphire & Steel) who just happen to be taking human-ish form and using she/her pronouns at the moment.

It also (IMWO) has good & varied representation of characters of colour, and all three main gems are voiced by actors of colour.

Occasionally, there are songs.

Sometimes, I find myself having major feels about a minor background character.

And the ARC PLOT. So carefully slow-built and foreshadowed.

But today, I want to talk about an aspect of the alien society that's been resonating with me and sending my thoughts off in all sorts of directions -- gem fusion.

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And I'm going to have to end my analysis-post prematurely, as I appear to be crying over fictional characters again. Further discussion massively welcomed in comments!

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Medical professionals are so fond of telling us that regular exercise is great for our physical and mental health, but for a lot of us that's about as much use as prescribing chamomile tea to a chronic insomniac.

There's a huge amount of privilege involved in being able to take regular exercise. Factors that make it difficult or impossible to exercise might include: disabilities and pain conditions; long working hours; family/caring commitments; lack of access to safe or appropriate spaces for exercise; lack of access to specialist equipment or clothing; lack of interest in exercising.

For me, it was all about being fat.

Read more at the Lashings blog >>

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11th Jul, 2014

Back when I kept trying to be vegan, the longest I ever managed to go entirely without dairy was only about 3 months.

But even that short period of time was enough, it seems, to kick my general human lactose intolerance up a gear; and now if I drink too much dairy milk, I feel ill. I can eat all the cheese and ice-cream I want, but a latte or a bowl of breakfast cereal? Forget it.

I know that it's nothing like being properly lactose intolerant, and I hardly ever mention it because it's rarely ever relevant. But it's there.

In that regard, I suspect it's quite like the increasing sense of visceral wrongness I get every time I see my title written as 'Ms' or 'Miss'. It's *nothing like* that thing that it's superficially similar to (anaphylactic milk allergy, gender dysphoria).. but it causes me discomfort, nonetheless.

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